To undestand who we are, here is a quick recap of our story:

Concentus study group was established in 2016 by decision of the Tokyo headquarter of Sogetsu School ikebana.

The founders Luca Ramacciotti and Lucio Farinelli became masters of ikebana in 2010 and since then have continued teaching and kept on realising arrangements and installations, over time new teachers joined them. Their works have featured in international publications, catalogs of exhibitions and magazines. They have been guests in RAI and SKY television broadcasts. They are member of STA (Sogetsu teachers association).

Later other teachers trained by the first two masters started their activity in other locations.

The atmosphere is international and pleasantly multicultural, members of the group reside in different Italian regions and also abroad, for this reason Concentus Study Group realizes exhibitions, demonstrations, conferences, courses, workshops throughout Italy.

Concentus Study Group headquarter is in Rome, other locations are Firenze, Merano, soon a new one in Nort Western Italy

Concentus Study Group teachers

Foto di Luca Ramacciotti

Luca Ramacciotti – 枝音 – Shion
Roma – Toscana

Concentus Study Group Chairperson, theatre director and scenographer, with a degree in literature specializing in entertainment, he has directed several performances of opera in Italy and abroad. In some of them he created ikebana arrangements for the scenography. Author of the Luca Ramacciotti blog

Lucio Farinelli

Lucio Farinelli – 冬花 – Toka
Roma – Umbria

Concentus Study Group Co – chairperson, this site webmaster, civil engineer with postgraduate studies at the University of Helsinki.

Silvia Barucci – 氣息龍 – Kisokuryu

Advertising and editorial graphic designer, designs and manufactures the graphic materials of the Concentus Study Group. Dhe grows tropical orchids and has patented a vase (Florero) for their cultivation at home

Patrizia Ferrari – 森魂 – Moritamashi
Trentino Alto Adige


Chiara Giani – 白露 – Shiratsuyu
Veneto – Friuli Venezia Giulia