Our Sogetsu ikebana courses follow the curriculum of the mother school, with different levels of teaching, from beginner to advanced.

Participants are provided with all the necessary plant material and tools to carry out practice. During classes the arrangements are photographed and at the end of the lesson the participants receive them by mail together with a file containing a report of the lesson: topic, container and material.

We pay much attention not only to the realization of the arrangement, but also to photography, to the creation of containers and to an all-round cultural involvement.
For this reason we have organised workshops with photographers and ceramists with proven experience, workshops on special topics with foreign masters or arts related to ikebana with professionals.

At the students’ disposal there is a library with texts related to ikebana and oriental arts and philosophy. Students can practice at home and send us photos of the arrangements, the cost of the course includes their correction online.

Classes are held by teachers who are members of STA (Sogetsu teachers association).

  • Some arrangements from group members

  • Special lessons

  • November 2019 – Ikebana workshop by Mika Otani

  • September 2018 – What ikebana can do today – Workshop by Lucio Farinelli and Luca Ramacciotti

    November 2014 – May 2015 – Ceramic workshop by Sebastiano Allegrini